Launceston Tennis Club

Cornwall, England

Midsummer Tournament 2023

Sunday 11th June, 2pm


We had 16 members turn up for our Midsummer doubles tournament this year with Sam winning.

Each pair played 4 games then changed partner keeping an account of their own scores

We played 5 Matches each
  Name Total games Position
  Sam 21 1st
  Jenny 20 2nd=
  Isaac 20 2nd=
  Ali 19 4th
  Adrian 17 5th=
  David 17 5th=
  Nicola 16 7th=
  Tonia 16 7th=
  Roger 16 7th=
  Graham 16 7th=
  Charlote 15 11th=
  Adrian 15 11th=
  Sarah 14 13th
  Yan 12 14th=
  Tim 12 14th=
  Owen 10 16th